About What’s Left

What’s Left is a weeklyish newsletter written by me, Zeeshan Aleem, about American politics and society, with occasional forays into international affairs. It features, depending on the week, short-form notes, essays, original reportage, interviews with leading thinkers, links to my articles in various publications, and curated reading recommendations.

This newsletter considers political questions about our world from a left perspective, but also devotes considerable energy to critiquing liberalism and the left itself. It has a diverse and influential readership that includes scholars, activists, journalists, Capitol Hill aides, think tankers, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, television and film producers, presidential campaign managers, artists, UN staff, and political junkies from across the political spectrum.

About Zeeshan Aleem

I’m a New York-based freelance journalist, and a contributing writer to Vox and VICE. My writing has also been published in The New York Times, The GuardianThe Atlantic, The Nation, EsquireGQ, Politico, The Intercept, HuffPostThe Chicago Tribune, NBC News, The American Prospect, In These Times, GEN, Mic, Pacific Standard, and other publications.

Previously I’ve been a staff writer or editor at Vox, HuffPost, Mic, and Politico, and worked as an adjunct professor at the New School.

For most of my career I’ve written primarily about American politics. I’ve reported on the ground from presidential campaign trails, political protests, terrorist attack scenes and Washington’s most insufferable cocktail parties. I’ve also spent a fair amount of time writing about foreign affairs, and have reported from socialist villages in the Andes mountains, automated factories in Beijing and anarchist communes in Copenhagen.

As a journalist my curiosity is indiscriminate, and I write about a wide variety of topics under the umbrella of politics, a term I tend to think of in a very broad sense. A major theme in my thinking is contemplating the history, social science and real-world experiments of the left, whether in policy or protest or electoral ambition. Some of my writing interests include the Democrats, the radical left(s), political economy, free speech, class, foreign policy, the welfare state, political culture, the formation of identity, and film.

I’ve appeared as a commentator on the New York Times podcast “The Daily,” BBC Radio, CBS News, ABC News, Brian Lehrer’s weekly television program, Vox’s podcasts “Worldly” and “The Weeds,” VICE’s “Bernie Blackout” documentary, and many other radio shows and podcasts.

My work has been covered or cited by The New York TimesThe Washington PostThe Wall Street JournalThe Financial Times and dozens of other outlets.

I was born in Washington, D.C. and educated at George Washington University, Oxford University and the University of Chicago.

You can find a longer bio here.

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